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Devoxx jTransfo presentation now available to everybody

See it on Parleys. <br />

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jTransfo presentation at Devoxx

There will be a short jTransfo presentation at Devoxx 2013. It will be on thursday November 14, room 4 from 13:10 till 13:25.

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jTransfo 0.10 released, introducing convert interceptors

jTransfo 0.10 is now available. It contains several improvements and a few bug fixes. For the full list of issues solved see the issue tracker. The most important change introduced in this release is the introduction of convert interceptors. The

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Javadoc is now available

here: For details on how this was done, see here.

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jTransfo 0.9 released

A new version of jTransfo is now available. This fixes some problems with the tagged conversions. The type converters did not propagate the tags. This mostly affected the list converters. This is fixed but it did require a change in

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jTransfo 0.8 released

jTransfo 0.8 has been released. There is only one change, but it is a big one. All conversion methods now allow you to pass tags. These tags can be used when defining the mapping. Once a field has a @MapOnly

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From custom conversion between transfer and domain objects to jTransfo

The details of a real-world project from custom conversion between transfer objects (for the REST interface) and the Hibernate domain objects using the Spring Framework integration. Read it here.

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jTransfo 0.7 released

jTransfo 0.7 has been released. This release is the result of some features which were useful for a real world integration for Flemish Government. The following features were added: List type converters should be able to reuse existing lists on

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jTransfo 0.6 released

jTransfo 0.6 has been released. The focus for this release was improved integration with Hibernate and adding a demo. The following features were added: A demo module was added which uses Hibernate and Lombok. Conversion now uses getters and setters

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jTransfo 0.5 released

A couple of bugs have been discovered in the previous release. These are now fixed. See the issue tracker for details.

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