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jTransfo 2.5 is out

It seems I have not done a good job announcing new jTransfo versions. I will try to do better. Apart from the improvements mentioned below, the documentation has also been improved. All is included in the jtransfo javadoc. jTransfo 2.5

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jTransfo 2.0 and 2.1 released

jTransfo 2.0 was released at the beginning of the year (but not yet announced), and fixed a long existing bug with 2.1. There have been many changes: jTransfo 2 requires java8. This allows some improvements in the code base and

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jTransfo 1.4 released

We have released versions 1.1 to 1.4 in a few days. It is not recommended to use versions 1.1 to 1.3 as these contained a few bugs which were solved in 1.4. The changes since 1.0 include: AutomaticListTypeConverter which was

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jTransfo 1.0 released

jTransfo 1.0 was released. Thanks to a contribution by Vladimir Vajda we now have a list converter which automatically determines the generic type of lists, thus removing the need to define a specific type converter. This change requires a small

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jTransfo 0.15 released

jTransfo 0.15 was released. There is now a specific Hibernate module which assures that Hibernate proxies are also properly converted.

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jTransfo 0.14 released

We have just released jTransfo 0.14. There is only one change. jTransfo is now JRebel aware. For speed, jTransfo caches how to convert between the DTO and the domain object. Thanks to this update, jTransfo now knows when JRebel updates

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jTransfo 0.12 released

A bug was found in the CDI integration. It seems that not all containers have the same behaviour regarding generics. In particular, the type converters were not being detected when running on WildFly 8.0.0.Final. This is now fixed. A smaller

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jTransfo 0.11 released, CDI support

jTransfo 0.11 is now available. This new version adds a jtransfo-cdi module. The object finders, type converters and convert interceptors which are found in the CDI registry are automatically registered. When you want to configure beans which need to be

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jTransfo 0.10 released, introducing convert interceptors

jTransfo 0.10 is now available. It contains several improvements and a few bug fixes. For the full list of issues solved see the issue tracker. The most important change introduced in this release is the introduction of convert interceptors. The

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jTransfo 0.9 released

A new version of jTransfo is now available. This fixes some problems with the tagged conversions. The type converters did not propagate the tags. This mostly affected the list converters. This is fixed but it did require a change in

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