jTransfo 2.5 is out

It seems I have not done a good job announcing new jTransfo versions. I will try to do better.

Apart from the improvements mentioned below, the documentation has also been improved. All is included in the jtransfo javadoc.

jTransfo 2.5

  • Fixed a regression introduced in 2.4.
  • Make sure getters don’t require get, so just fieldName() will also work, not requiring getFieldName().

jTransfo 2.4

  • Support @PreConvert/@PostConvert annotations on beans to trigger custom (conversion) logic before or after jTransfo conversion.
  • Support package private/protected/private setters. For the domain objects the behaviour is now more Hibernate-like.
  • Upgrade checkstyle to 8.4.
  • Upgrade jUnit to 5.0.2.

jTransfo 2.3

  • Add JPMS automatic module name for java9.

jTransfo 2.2

  • Add “!tag” notation to allow conversion when a tag is not present is MapOnly.
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