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jTransfo 0.14 released

We have just released jTransfo 0.14. There is only one change. jTransfo is now JRebel aware. For speed, jTransfo caches how to convert between the DTO and the domain object. Thanks to this update, jTransfo now knows when JRebel updates

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jTransfo 0.12 released

A bug was found in the CDI integration. It seems that not all containers have the same behaviour regarding generics. In particular, the type converters were not being detected when running on WildFly 8.0.0.Final. This is now fixed. A smaller

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jTransfo 0.11 released, CDI support

jTransfo 0.11 is now available. This new version adds a jtransfo-cdi module. The object finders, type converters and convert interceptors which are found in the CDI registry are automatically registered. When you want to configure beans which need to be

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